Adopted February 23, 2010

Both members and nonmembers of GBCC are welcome to post on the Club’s web forum, subject to the following Policies and Terms of Use. By posting here you are agreeing to abide by these Policies and Terms of Use:

1. Posts should be at least remotely germane to paddling. Although you’re welcome to offer to buy or sell boats and other paddling gear on the forum, and outfitters and vendors have their own sections in which they are free to peddle their wares, other commercial use of the forum is not permitted. Likewise, political and religious discussions – unless they relate to paddling (e.g., river access or conservation issues) – are discouraged. That’s just not what we’re here for.

2. Obscene, profane, or other “rough” language will not be tolerated. We’re a family organization and minors regularly access the forum, so keep it clean.

3. Stick to the topic of a particular thread. If you want to digress, start a new thread.

4. Please, be polite! No flaming! A good rule is don’t say anything on the forum that you wouldn’t say to someone face to face. If you want to yell at someone or cuss someone out, choose another medium of communication: Send an email, call the person on the phone, or deliver your message in person. Honest differences of opinion are an everyday occurrence, and there’s no reason differing views can’t be expressed with civility. Remember too that most people really don’t care that much about whether you’re angry at so-and-so.

5. Written words don’t always accurately convey your true sentiments. You may have been smiling when you wrote your post, but we can’t see your face. Also, to a large extent posts are like diamonds – they’re forever. So reread what you wrote before you click that “Post” button or you may regret it tomorrow, next week, and for a long time to come.

6. Don’t believe everything you read on the forum. Many posts express the posters’ personal opinions and may or may not be accurate. In particular, you are always responsible for your own safety, so use good judgment and don’t take anyone’s word for anything.

7. More generally, the opinions expressed on the forum are those of the posters. Neither the Club nor its officers and directors necessarily endorses them.

8. Although we’re generally a broadminded and diverse bunch and the Club as an organization is committed to maximizing freedom of expression on the forum, there are limits. The Club at all times has the right to delete posts that are deemed by the Webmaster to be in violation of the letter or spirit of these Policies and Terms of Use. Among the kinds of posts that will probably be deleted are:

• Posts containing obscene, profane, or other language considered objectionable taking into account the nature of our audience;
• Posts that the Webmaster otherwise determines are, or are reasonably likely to be, harmful to minors;
• Posts relating to illegal activities;
• Posts that are grossly rude, that contain plainly excessive personal attacks, or that otherwise exceed the bounds of reasonable, decent discourse or are utterly without redeeming social value; and
• Posts that the Webmaster determines are reasonably likely to harm the Club as an organization, its overall reputation, or a significant portion of its members or to create legal exposure for the Club or its officers and directors (who don’t get paid enough to take such risks).

The above list is not exclusive. The Webmaster – whose decision is final and from which there is no appeal – is a reasonable person and will use reasonable discretion, but we’re not going to spend a lot of time arguing about the First Amendment.