River Info - Patapsco

Flow Info:

If the reservior is full, subtract the North Branch guage to get a better understanding of what is in the South Branch.  If Liberty Reservior is not cresting, you can assume most of the water on the gauges is coming from the South Branch.  This river does not hold water long especially when Liberty is not cresting. Minimum "fun" level to paddle from Hollofield to Ellicott City is 400 cfs.


Gaither Rd. to River Rd. II+

Refer to the formula above for south branch information.  Be careful of fallen trees in Gaither Gorge.

Marriottsvill Rd. to Woodstock Rd. - II(IV-)

Refer to the formula above for south branch information.  Less than a mile after you put on the river from Marriottsville Rd, you will want to keep an eye out for the horizon line which is McKeldin Falls.  It is class IV-.  I normally portage on the left, but I believe it can be portaged on either side.  There is a class II rapid below McKeldin Falls, usually run from right to center.   You can easily portage this as well if it is your intention to only run the recreation part of this section.  The normal branch comes to join the south branch 1/8 a mile below the pond. The rest of the river is class I under normal flows below 400 cfs.

Woodstock Rd. to Daniels Rd. - I

Put-in - Park alond the rail road track and carry across to the river.  Make sure to lock your car and not keep any valuables visible as a friend had her car broken into when she parked on the other side of the river on 10-7-13.  The first 2 miles are class I with some tight turns and fast moving current.  The last 2 miles is the backwater from daniels dam and is very slow moving or flat water.  

Daniels Dam

Dam Address:  2090 Daniels Road, Ellicott City MD 21043


695 west side to
70 West - to Right on
29 North - to Right on
Rogers Ave East - to Circle (Roundabout) Third exit (East) to
Old Frederick Road - to Left to
Daniels Road - to
Parking area and boat ramp on left for flat water above dam (until it is removed) Paddle upstream and enjoy nature including ducks, geese, bever, woodpeckers, deer, and snakes.
Second parking areas on right and left of Daniels by the dam for moving water all the way to Route 40 West for Class I or to Ellicott City for more difficult (depending on flow levels) paddling

You can park at the dam and paddle more than 2 miles up river almost all year long.   When you can go no further, turn around and return to your car.  Great place for roll sessions and recreational boating.

Daniels Rd. to Hollofield Bridge

Daniels Dam Put-In Address:  2090 Daniels Road, Ellicott City MD 21043

I recommend paddling all the water down to Oella.   Taking out at Hollofield would be a very short paddle and a long up-hill carry to your car.

Hollofield Bridge to Oella

Oella Take-out Address: 6 Oella Avenue Ellicott City, MD 21043

Bloede Dam to Rt. 1


USGS Water-data graph for Resevior  USGS Water-data graph for Hollofield USGS Water-data graph for site Hollofield USGS Water-data graph for North Branch